The IMPI benchmarking exercise provides a very important opportunity to self-assess the Higher Education Institution where one works and especially to highlight in the process deficiencies of one’s own institution. This know-how enables you to then further develop your own institution and improve its international standing. At the same time, of course, it gives you pleasure to compare settings at different organisations. A crucial element is that, with the number of subsequent meetings, you build up confidence with your partners. When everybody decides to “open the books for inspection”, through the eyes of your IMPI partners your own learning process starts. And this we are, or ought to be: Learning Institutions.

Erich Thaler
Head, Department of International Affairs
University of Basel

IMPI is the best way to develop meaningful benchmarks for internationalization strategies. The toolbox helped us a lot to identify the relevant set of indicators. Working with the group of participating universities and the IMPI team was exciting and very fruitful.

Julia Volz
Leiterin Akademisches Auslandsamt
Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

Participating in the IMPI project has helped the Catalan Association of Public Universities work on defining a set of internationalization indicators in collaboration with the regional government.

Alicia Betts
Project Manager
ACUP (Associacio Catalana D’Universitats Publiques)

I would say that the IMPI project was a very useful exercise to discuss the goals of Internationalisation and the appropriate indicators beyond a purely national level. It showed the importance of finding a common basis of clear definitions and methods of data collection without which a benchmarking would not make much sense.

Dr. Roland Weiß
Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
University of Applied Sciences