CHE Consult

CHE Consult is a private research, further education and consulting institution with 17 staff members. CHE Consult works on areas such as HE funding, quality assurance, benchmarking, budgeting, marketing, and internationalisation.  CHE Consult has a broad experience in conducting international comparative studies to develop new ideas and concepts. It also works closely with individual HEIs and government institutions at national and international level to implement and further develop these concepts, exploring options for future development.

It disseminates new ideas and fosters dialogue in HE through workshops, conferences and publications. CHE Consult is also placing focus on the further education and training of university staff (acad. & admin.) through courses, seminars and workshops. CHE Consult has considerable experience with large scale projects (e.g. a 1.8m€ project on demographic challenges to Higher Education).

Next to the IMPi project, CHE Consult is involved in other EU projects such as the EMQT (Erasmus Mobility Quality Tools) project as well as the EU tender for a feasibility study of a world ranking.
CHE Consult coordinates und manages the project. It has a leading role in organising the workshops and seminars. It is also in charge of supervising the methodological soundness of the indicator development and the data analysis. It cooperates in moderating the benchmarking groups (external and internal) to be established in this project in cooperation with the other partners. Furthermore, CHE Consult is actively involved in the dissemination and exploitation of results through its wide range of networks.

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