General information about IMPI

Bologna and Lisbon call for increased competitiveness and globalisation in higher education is developing rapidly, but so far no European-wide approach has been made to measure internationalisation. Transparency and accountability in internationalisation are not in place yet. To this end, a toolbox of indicators and related objectives and activities has been developed for European HEIs which will allow HEI’s to individually define a level of internationality corresponding with their institutional goals. It provides options for comparison on the one hand but also offers opportunities for HEIs to choose their individual profile of internationalisation.

The project core partners are six metalevel institutions, SIU, NUFFIC, ACA, CampusFrance, Perspektywy and CHE Consult. The set of indicators has been co-developed by HEIs in order to ensure both relevance and acceptance in the community. The project aims at supporting HEIs to show how well-performing they are. Furthermore, it provides means for improvement for HEIs. The goal is to increase the overall performance of European HEIs in internationalisation.

The milestones of the project was a toolbox for HEIs to profile their internationalisation, as well as a number of dissemination instruments (workshops, symposium, website)which brought together stakeholders from different levels to discuss the results and start implementation.

The project’s lead to a considerable improvement in these areas and through new tools on internationality will help to enhance the competitiveness of European HEIS.